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The following is a sample of the unsolicited testimonials about the value of Club VIBES from student members, their parents, and teachers.

"I just can't thank you enough for spending time with Richard this summer. It has really made a difference in his life and how he feels about himself. Thank you for thinking of others, especially my son!!"
"Club VIBES has gone above and beyond to help get my son Mathew, who has autism on a bike. When it comes to the VIBES biking activity, you have welcomed him even though he is not impaired visually. His fine/gross motor skills, balance and cognitive impairments keep him from riding a bike like most kids. I just want to say how thankful I am to you for giving Mathew the opportunity to ride a bicycle."
I am so glad Club VIBES could come [to make a presentation to our sorority]! I really enjoyed it personally and I'm hearing wonderful things from the chapter. One girl even suggested opening it to other sororities and doing it again next year! One of my other sisters asked why we hadn't we done this every year?! I certainly believe it was beneficial, I know I learned so much.
Sara, Delta Gamma Sorority,
I just wanted to thank you for providing such excellent resources about blindness on your site. My husband went blind last year after an accident at work, and I had no idea what to do. I turned to the internet for help, and your site really helped me get through this tough time.
Janice, Pennsylvania
Riding with the blind kids is always the best thing I do on a bike, but today's (March 9, 2013) UT Vision Camp was even more fulfilling: I got to see real fearlessness and resilience. Two years ago, I took Kammie, a very quiet, timid 10 year old out on the tandem during the Camp. A few hundred yards into the ride, which she was very nervous about to begin with (imagine riding on the back of a bike for the first time ever, with a visual impairment and minimal motor control...), her right foot came off the pedal and into the spokes, twisting at a very acute angle as it jammed between the wheels spokes and right chainstay. She screamed in agony, as I immediately stopped, and then reversed the bike to get her foot out of the wheel. I carried her up the hill to the nurses office to get her checked out. Her ankle was swollen and bruised, but the injury was limited to a sprain and she didn't have to leave camp. Today we rode again. She remembered the incident, of course, but had no trepidation about riding again. She didn't want to get off the bike when it was time to move on to the next activity. Capped off a great day with great people. Thanks to Sue Buckley and Club VIBES!
I think setting the trip to California for tandem biking as a goal for Brad will be very good for him. Maybe this will help motivate him to work out more and get into shape. Also working as a partner with someone on a tandem bike should help his team building skills. I think Club VIBES is a great motivation for him.
"Thank you so much for all you do for Lori through Club VIBES. We appreciate your support more than you could imagine. Thank you for making it possible for Lori to have a new laptop. We have seen her grades return to normal for her and she is no longer frustrated.Thank you,"
"Kayla was so excited about her day yesterday. She talked and talked about how she needed to be more organized. How she might need a recorder to help her. I loved the things that you worked with her on. Your challenge was heard. I also love the categories of tasks that you have selected. Thank you again for taking your time to make a difference in Kayla’s independence and life!"
"I just so appreciate all the interest you show in Sharon and the time you spend with her. You are the people I prayed for most of her life. I always wanted someone to take a special interest in her and mentor her in a way her parents just can't. I should know God will provide what is needed on his schedule and not on mine. He saved the best people for Sharon and the other young people in VIBES. I can never thank you enough for all your time and energy you devote to my daughter and the other young people. You have had such a positive impact on her life and on others also."
"I know Mike is already looking forward to his next lesson. You really know how to motivate him."
Amy ,
"You have made my weekend by letting us know how our assistance has benefited the young people in Club VIBES. This is exactly what we want your wonderful kids to do. What a great job you are doing with Club VIBES. Contact us any time for help and we shall always try to comply."
Vision-related charitable organization,
It's awesome what Club VIBES does for it's members and volunteers. VIBES is the best. It does so much and we are so grateful to have friends like you.
Karen, Parent of Club VIBES member,
This is an Email directly from a VIBES student: Hey school is tomorrow and I got my parents to by me a battery operated alarm clock. So after that I got out my new back pack put binders with papers with pencils in a organized fashion in there. Now I will just wait for school. For once I am actually pumped up to go to school. Your friend, Brad
"Thank you so much for helping me with my silver award badge in Girl Scouts. I think all the girls in my troop enjoyed our presentation very much and I think we did a great job. Thank you for all you've done and helped me accomplish this year."
I feel that Club VIBES is on the same page with us. Dillon does need to learn to be independent. I guess we just don't always know what he really needs and what to ask for. Club VIBES has helped us understand Dillon better. I think, like you, that transition planning should be how to help him be independent after high school. One big goal I have is to help Dillon learn to advocate for himself without letting his frustration get the best of him. Thanks again for being there for Dillon and both of us as parents. We truly appreciate your help. (Big smile)
Paula and Robert,

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