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Please feel free to contact us anytime! If you are interested in volunteering or know of a visually impaired child that could benefit from Club VIBES mentoring services.

Club VIBES would also love to speak to your group. Our volunteers welcome the opportunity to spread the mission and work of VIBES. Contact our President, Sue Buckley or Secretary, Kathy Holloway to set up a speaking engagement.

For more information, please complete the form below or call us 865-590-9665.

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Helping Peggy McDaniel

Peggy McDaniel is a very special Club VIBES friend. An orientation and mobility specialist, she was with Club Vibes from the very start. She even served on our first Board of Directors. Peggy is now battling a rare form of cancer and, due to financial struggles, is on the verge of losing her home! Please take a moment to visit this page and help her stay in her home!

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