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 : Group shot of Club VIBES members and volunteers before riding the Tour de Cure

Our Mission

To  assist blind and visually impaired young people in the Knoxville area to live independent and productive lives by identifying their unique capacities and developing their individual strengths.

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Club VIBES (Visually Impaired/Blind Enhanced Services) is a free mentoring service for visually impaired or blind youth and their parents/guardians residing in or around the Knoxville, Tennessee area. Established in November 2008, Club VIBES is a chartered not-for-profit organization registered with the state of Tennessee and Knox County.

Club VIBES is made up of a group of volunteers who care about visually impaired youth as they make the transition into an independent adult life. Through mentoring, these volunteers teach independent living skills and provide Club members with educational activities which model, develop and reinforce social and leadership skills. Social outings and special events also are used as learning opportunities.

NEW Stories from WBIR!


An East Tennessee woman doesn’t let her physical disabilities get in her way. Twenty three years ago Sarah Holloway was born early and suffered some serious health consequences. She’s visually impaired and that’s not all.  Click here to view the story about Sarah receiving her new prothesis for tandem riding.




You don’t have to be able to see to climb an indoor rock wall. Belayers at River Sports Outfitters help the visually impaired succeed at this sport.  Click here to read the story, watch the interviews and climb along with Club VIBES member Joe Tibbetts!


Previous News Stories:


McKenzie  An East Tennessee 14 year old has performed in talent shows and with the Knoxville Children’s Choir.  She’s also an active member of Club VIBES.  Click here to read the story and see the interview with Club VIBES member McKenzie Ayers


We would like to send a special THANK YOU to our Silver Comet sponsors Missy Kane and Covenant Health, West Bike Shop and Eddie’s Health Shoppe.  Everyone had an amazing time and the door prizes were wonderful!  To view the WBIR News story with Missy Kane and Sue Buckley, click here.

WBIR did a follow up story about Club VIBES member Allison Alexander when she picked up her tandem. Click here to view the story.

Click on the link below to view the March 2013 news story about Club VIBES member and Challenged Athletes Foundation Grant Winner Allison Alexander. Congratulations Allison!

An interview with Club VIBES member and Challenged Athletes Foundation Grant winner Allison Alexander

Club VIBES Tandem Biking Story from January 2013


Click on the videos below to view Club VIBES Tandem Biking News Story Part I and II from 2012.

Club VIBES Tandem Biking News Story Part I 

Club VIBES Tandem Biking News Story Part II